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Splendid Desktop Helper is a powerful screen saver which support many frequent operations,including password protection,floating multicolor bubbles,background music,alarm clock,wallpaper switch,one key to screensaver,auto download internet wallpaper and hide,lock folder,shutdown or perform many task on time.basically,it support various picture type,like gif,png,jpg.you can add your favorite pictures(picture of star or gf or family) to the "pictures" folder(which includes "Local images" and "Internet images" sub directories. firstly, download the compressed file of program,decompress it to certain folder,then double click the file "screen.exe".the first time you run it,it will show a message box to ask whether you want to set a password to protect your computer or not.(if at the first time,you didn`t set password,but later you want to set password,you can find the program icon on taskbar of desktop,then click right mouse button,and click "modify password" from the pop menu.) next,you will get a config dialog.first step,you need select picture types,there are 11 types,including animal,scenic,holiday,cartoon,beauty,car,guy,baby,game,other,sexy beauty.second step,you need select the picture source.default is "internet picture",the program will automatically download pictures from internet,if there are some picture you dislike,you can click the button "manage pictures" to avoid it.Certainly,you can switch to another picture source "Local picture",then you can download pictures by yourself,and put those pictures in proper folder according the column of picture. through above setting,you can click "OK" to begin it.or you can modify the default time period to change pictures,or select a background music,or set whether "show floating bubbles" or "auto change wallpaper". after you set these and click the button "OK",the program will go into a fullscreen with various pictures and floating multicolor bubbles.once you have set password,if you want to resume screensaver and return to desktop,you need move mouse to active the verify dialog.(if you havn`t set password,you can move mouse or press any key to return desktop),the verify dialog will ask you to input correct password that you set before.sometimes,maybe you cann`t input any character though the cursor is on the edit box.you just need click the mouse on the edit box again if that happen. after you input correct password,the screensaver will minimize to the taskbar of desktop(it is the left bottom corner of desktop,if your system is win7,maybe you need click the triangle first to show the hidden taskbar.) when program stay at taskbar,double click it will go into fullscreen state,if you click right button on the icon,it shows some pop menu like "Auto change wallpaper" ,"Set current wallpaper as default","Restore default wallpaper","config","modify password" and so on.click "config" menu,you can set periodic task,picture source,show mode,hide folder and others. on the first time,this program will add a "Go into ScreenSaver(Need No keyboard and mouse action)" task at "set task on period" dialog.default period time is 5 minutes.this setting have nothing to do with system screensaver`s time.you can modify the task at "set task on period" dialog from "config" menu.you can resume or enable the task if you like. if you add a task to "Prompt:Your own message",when the time reach,it will play a alarm besides a message box.you can have your favorite music instead of "clock.mp3".if you don`t wanna alarm,delete it. the program will autorun with system by default,it will minimize itself to taskbar,it will go into screensaver state if you press right Ctrl key and left Ctrl key at the same time.if you havn`t launch the program(or you set "stop autorun with system"),you can press left Ctrl,left Shift and Right direction key to go into screensaver.

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